Olympic update - Check Her Out!

So you got hooked on the Olympics? Was it the cool homepage shot last week of Amy winning the Gold that reignited your patriotic flame? Use the button shown by the arrow below to see the past 7 days of cool homepages. Boy, this past week went FAST. However, with a new homepage every day my knowledge of winter sports has increased 1000X! And if you want a recap of the past week’s activities my colleague Mike sent me some nifty short cuts.

Want to know more about our heroine? Just search by name – Amy Williams


To get top scores, just type olympic medals.


To get the next events, type winter olympics schedule.

To learn more about a particular sport, type ‘sport + medal count’

 If you want to visualise the team line ups, try Olympic athletes, then click on Team GB


 With only one day to go until the end of yet another winter Olympics, we hope that you have enjoyed following this on Bing. Roll on 2012!

Marie (and Mike)