2011 Bing’s year in review


  • 2011: The year we couldn’t get enough of Peter Andre

    MSN and Bing reveal the things that made us curious in 2011.

    2011 was the year that Brits couldn’t get enough of Peter Andre, Pippa
    Middleton’s derrière was blown out of proportion and Cheryl Cole proved she
    still has it over Tulisa Contostavlos.

    In an alternative look at the year, we teamed up with the guys at MSN to
    analyse the top search terms and polled users of MSN UK, to reveal what really got the nation going
    in 2011.


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    We can’t get enough of Peter

    In a shock (horror) revelation, Brits admitted that in 2012 they’d rather see
    more of Peter Andre than baby, baby, baby oh Justin
    , Rihanna
    or even Gary

    Steve Wilson-Beales, MSN Entertainment Editor commented: “Despite a lack of
    musical output from Peter this year, it seems his constant and public rows with
    ex-wife Katie Price, his appearance in I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of
    and dates with Frank Lampard’s ex Ellen
    , have been enough to capture the nation’s interest.”

    The number one celebrity we want to see less of in 2012 is Frankie
    , proof that his bad-boy antics did not keep the nation entertained
    and sometimes there really isn’t life after X Factor.

    Pippa Middleton, a bum steer

    Despite the social commentary surrounding it, the perkiness of Pippa’s
    posterior was actually far less interesting than we had been led to believe.
    According to MSN’s poll, Pippa’s wedding derrière was actually voted the most
    over-hyped story of the year.

    Her behind also catapulted her ahead of her sister, Kate
    , Katy
    , Scarlett
    and Angelia
    in the most searched for celebrity stakes but it was not enough to
    take the top spot, where she was pipped to the post by fellow bootilicious babe,

    Cheryl Cole still holds a place in our hearts

    Irrespective of her sacking from the US version of the X Factor being the
    second most searched for cringe-worthy moment on Bing, the Geordie lass still
    holds a place in the nation’s heart, as she was voted the third most-desirable
    female celebrity on an MSN poll, securing substantially more votes than her UK X
    Factor replacement Tulisa.

    Steve Wilson-Beales, MSN’s Entertainment Editor, commented: “There’s been
    much commentary this year comparing Tulisa and Cheryl, but the MSN poll has
    cleared up once and for all that Cheryl still has it.”

    Reality TV hits it for six

    Love it or hate it, the past year has proved that reality TV is here to stay.
    was the most searched for reality TV show on Bing and, despite
    falling audience viewing figures, X Factor came in
    second, finishing higher than Celebrity
    Big Brother
    (third) and even
    Strictly Come Dancing
    (fourth), despite its higher viewer ratings.

    It could be argued that Gary Barlow kept Brits tuned into X Factor as he was
    voted the most desirable male celebrity by MSN users, followed by TOWIE and I’m
    a Celebrity star, Mark
    , above Ryan
    (third) and teenage heartthrob Justin Bieber, who finished in a
    lowly fifth place.

    Steve Wilson-Beales, MSN’s Entertainment Editor, commented: “Brits certainly
    are a fickle bunch. Whilst the ratings indicated we’re not watching as much
    reality TV as we should, we’re certainly going online and searching about it,
    proving we haven’t yet fallen out of love with reality TV.”

    Football fever and bad British role models

    When it comes to sport, Brits are more interested in what happens on the
    field than off, with Carlos
    voted the worst behaved male sports personality by MSN users after he
    refused to play Champions League football against Bayern Munich. Wayne
    was voted the second worst behaved star, following his on-screen
    camera expletives. Meanwhile
    Ryan Giggs’
    off the field antics put him in fifth place, behind Mario
    and Sepp

    Surprisingly, despite the Rugby World Cup and England’s much publicised
    antics (both on and off the field), MSN users failed to be shocked by Mike
    dwarf-throwing and Manu
    bad behaviour in New Zealand. The two bad boys of sport were
    almost forgotten about in the MSN poll, coming seventh and eighth respectively.

    Tom Evans, MSN’s Sport Editor, commented: “It’s a wonderful thing how sport
    can help bring the country together – after all, we can’t have a royal wedding
    every year! What’s becoming an even bigger question on the nation’s lips though
    is the adverse effect that sports star fame can have. Now, more than ever,
    footballers need to understand the impact that they can have on the nation’s
    youth – like it or not, they are big role models and recognising this and
    behaving themselves once in a while may not be such a bad thing or even a big
    ask, especially considering their wage packets.”

    Twilight leaves a sour taste whilst Bieber baby surprises

    In 2011 Twilight proved it was a bit like Marmite – you either love it or you
    hate it. Even though it was a blockbusting success Brits voted Twilight:
    Breaking Dawn Part One
    as the worst movie of 2011, above The
    Pirates of the Caribbean 4: On Stranger Tides
    and I
    Don’t Know How She Does it.

    Justin Bieber’s off-the-chart antics proved more interesting than his music.
    MSN users voted his paternity scandal the most surprising story of the year,
    above Cheryl Cole being axed from US X Factor and Hugh Grant’s love child

    Steve Wilson Beales, MSN’s Entertainment Editor, commented: “It’s been an
    interesting year on the film and music front. It seems R-Patz’s British charms
    just aren’t enough to win everyone over as Twilight loses its sparkle. As for
    Bieber there’s no denying that he’s become one of most talked about celebs of
    the year, but I’m sure he’s probably wishing we were talking more about his
    music than his controversial personal life.”

    To watch the Year in Review video and see the MSN polls go to: http://news.uk.msn.com/your-year-in-review-2011/

    Bing UK top search terms

    Bing’s most searched for sports player of 2011

    1. David Beckham

    2. Ryan Giggs

    3. Lewis Hamilton

    4. Andy Murray

    5. Maria Sharapova

    6. Wayne Rooney

    7. Cristiano Ronaldo

    8. Usain Bolt

    9. Jessica Ennis

    10. Jenson Button

    Bing’s most searched for news story of 2011

    1. The Royal Wedding

    2. Amanda Knox

    3. Japan Tsunami

    4. Beyonce pregnant

    5. Japan Earthquake

    6. Amy Winehouse death

    7. Bin Laden killed

    8. London riot

    9. Occupy Movement

    10. London 2012 Olympics tickets

    Bing’s most searched for reality TV show of 2011

    1. Big Brother

    2. X Factor

    3. Celebrity Big Brother

    4. Strictly Come Dancing

    5. Dancing on Ice

    6. Britain’s Got Talent

    7. The Only Way Is Essex

    8. Come Dine With Me

    9. The Apprentice

    10. Jersey Shore

    Bing’s most searched for celebrity of 2011

    1. Justin Bieber

    2. Kim Kardashian

    3. Lady Gaga

    4. Jennifer Aniston

    5. Pippa Middleton

    6. Katy Perry

    7. Kate Middleton

    8. Tulisa Contostavlos

    9. Scarlett Johansson

    10. Angelina Jolie

    Bing’s most searched for celebrity scandal of 2011

    1. Charlie Sheen “winning” rant

    2. Amy Winehouse dies

    3. Justin Bieber paternity allegations

    4. Andy Gray sexist rant over female referee

    5. Cheryl Cole sacked from US X Factor

    6. Emma Watson’s naked photo

    7. Kim Kardashian divorce

    8. John Terry racism allegations

    9. Lindsay Lohan goes to gaol

    10. Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynold’s “close friendship”

    Bing’s most searched for celebrity couple of 2011

    1. Prince William, Kate Middleton

    2. Katie Price, Leandro Penna

    3. Riahnna, Chris Brown

    4. Katy Perry, Russell Brand

    5. Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes

    6. Khloe Kardashian, Lamar Odom

    7. Kim Kardashian, Kris Humphries

    8. Johnny Depp, Vanessa Paradis

    9. Jason Orange, Catherine Tate

    10. Alex Reid, Chantelle Houghton

    Bing’s most searched for fashion house of 2011

    1. Ralph Lauren

    2. Ted Baker

    3. Chanel

    4. Gucci

    5. Vivienne Westwood

    6. Armani

    7. Louis Vuitton

    8. Hermes

    9. Lacoste

    10. Diesel

    Bing’s most searched for cringe-worthy moment of 2011

    1. Steps reunion

    2. Cheryl Cole sacked from US X Factor

    3. Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries’ wedding

    4. Ricky Gervais hosting the Golden Globes

    5. Blue’s Eurovision song

    6. Gavin Henson appearing on The Bachelor

    7. Wayne Rooney’s Twitter outbursts

    8. Kitty’s X Factor exit song

    9. Nancy D’ellolio Strictly Come Dancing moment

    10. Berlusconi and his womanising antics

    Bing’s most searched for fashion terms

    1. Vintage

    2. Ray Bans

    3. Retro

    4. Barbour Jacket

    5. Wedges

    6. Toy Watch

    7. Backpacks

    8. Brogues

    9. Espadrilles

    10. Men’s army boots

    Bing’s most searched for artist of 2011

    1. Rihanna

    2. Justin Bieber

    3. Lady Gaga

    4. Beyonce

    5. JLS

    6. Katy Perry

    7. Britney Spears

    8. Selena Gomez

    9. Adele

    10. JLo