Bing Features: Video

Continuing our look at Bing’s key features today we are focusing on Bing Video.  Whether you want to watch a TV show, see the latest music video or tune into your favourite sports star. Bing Video allows you to do all this and all without having to leave the search engines website.

Bing Video has been designed to allow the user to find and watch content as quickly and easily as possible. Once you’ve searched you can preview the footage by simply scrolling your mouse over the video thumbnails without the hassle of selecting and going back and forth to third party sites, it’s that easy! Why not check out the latest on the

UK weather and give it a go.

Bing Video also allows the user to be more specific with their search results. Perhaps you only want high definition videos that are less than 5 minutes in length. It easy, simply select your search requirements on the left hand column and
hay presto!