Bing reveals the UK’s top searches of 2015

The biggest moments from current affairs, film, celebrity, music, and sport all charted through search – #MySearchYear

In a year that has seen political change, tragic world events plus big films, sports events, and out-of-this-world space discoveries; Bing reveals the UK’s top searches of 2015.

Making the news

Politics ruled the nation’s searches in 2015, with the general election and tightly-fought Labour leadership contest taking the first and second spots on the list. The recent tragic events in Paris followed. Prior to this the Nation celebrated the birth of Princess Charlotte in the most searched-for news events of the year.

Sport in the spotlight

Despite England’s early exit, the hype around the Rugby World Cup and the success of some of the lesser-known teams firmly put rugby on the UK’s radar as the most-searched for sporting event. Wimbledon with its quintessentially English tennis championship took second spot.

Scandal, sackings and corruption also feature in the sporting news lists; with team managers and FIFA executives featuring throughout the sporting and global news.

The home nations were well represented in our most searched sports people with world champion Lewis Hamilton, Davis Cup winner Andy Murray and Rory McIlroy who takes third spot after continuing his record-breaking career despite his injury-plagued season. Former rugby superstar turned pundit Jonny Wilkinson is the sole rugby representative in the category.

Global Events

From the serious and sad world events like the Nepal earthquake, terrorism and the Ebola crisis, search data shows how the UK wanted to find out more, understand the issues, look for news, check back for developments, and search for ways to help.

Unusual Discoveries

And in a year that has seen major new breakthroughs in the science, nature, space and health worlds, there has been a fascination with looking back at the past as well as to the future. Bing’s search data reveals that the discovery of fossils from a giant species called the Megalodon, to alien megastructures and water on Mars, has peaked the interest of our search users.

Where will your imagination lead your search – #MySearchYear

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