Get the Bing search experience on multiple mobile platforms at has announced, which provides advanced smart search tools across multiple mobile platforms, helping people make better decisions wherever they roam.


Similar to the features that are popular with desktop Bing users, the homepage shows Bing’s inspiring daily image and hotspots, and from here users can now easily navigate to maps and directions, localised information, and image search. Searching now brings up autosuggest and recent search terms. With this increased functionality, Bing helps users easily get back to their recent searches, see what’s popular, and find the right query to get the desired results faster.




One of the most popular mobile search tasks, finding maps and directions, is also improved with the addition of a new maps view that lets users see a list of places or directions and the corresponding map in a single view. The map seamlessly updates as you scroll through the list, so there’s no toggling back and forth. As a bonus, the new Bing London Journey Planner is now available on mobile providing point to point, visual planning for journeys by tube, bus and walking within Greater London.


In addition to these updates, Bing for mobile now integrates sharing features so that people can easily share images and local bar, restaurant details and more with friends by clicking on the ‘Share on Facebook’ option, meaning they don’t have to save pages or send them later.


All of these great updates are available for mobile devices that support HTML5 capable browsers, including all iPhone iOS’, Android (2.0 +) and RIM (6.0 +). Non-touch RIM devices that support RIM OS 6.0 and higher can also enjoy these new browsing additions.


Windows Phone users can already enjoy a deeply integrated Bing experience, as every Windows Phone comes with a dedicated search button that doesn’t just live within applications or give you general results, but intelligently recognises context from what you are doing when you press the search button. With Bing search on Windows Phone, web searches give you what you’re most likely looking for – sites, local listings, images or even news – first. 


Following the forthcoming Windows Phone OS update, codename ‘Mango’ this Fall 2011, Windows Phone users will also benefit from the following functionality:

       Local Scout – Provides hyper-local search results and recommends nearby restaurants, shopping and activities in an easy- to-use guide

       Bing on Windows Phone – More ways to search the web, including Bing Vision, Music Search and Voice so it’s easy to discover and decide

       Quick Cards – When searching for a product, movie, event or place see a quick summary of relevant information, including related apps


To try Bing on HTML5 compatible internet browsers, please visit

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