Bing announces significant improvements to instant answer and news searches

We have been working hard on improving Bing News and today we are proud to announce significant developments to our search algorithms, resulting in a much more relevant search experience, helping you find the information you’re looking for even easier and quicker than before.


Among the improvements, search results now pull in many more UK sources and are much fresher and diverse. In particular, the below search screenshot for ‘kate’, taken on the 21 April, details highly relevant news of Kate and Wills’ recent trip to Princess Diana’s grave, including various reports of the activity from numerous, unsyndicated sources.



Illustrating the increased visual features, a recent search for ‘arsenal’ pulls up information on a recent clash between London football clubs, Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur. Accompanying the search result is an associated image of two players from the respective teams.


The search improvements are a result of customer feedback and research, and closely follow news that Bing has gained a greater market share in the UK. With more and more room to grow we look forward to further developments in the future and will continue to keep you all updated. We hope you enjoy the new features!



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