What's New with Bing Maps?

On Tuesday 1st March members of the Bing Maps team will join partners Infusion and Earthware to discuss what the future has in store for Bing Maps.

The webcast titled “What’s New with Bing™ Maps” will last 40-minutes and cover an array of topics including:

  • Insight and practical development tips from Microsoft partners Earthware and Infusion
  • A dive into the features of the new Bing Maps AJAX Control 7.0
  • A look at how to improve the performance of your Bing-powered mapping applications
  • A discussion of new tools for working with SQL databases

The expert panel to feature in the webcast are:

  • Ricky Brundritt, Location Services Specialist, Infusion
  • Brian Norman, Technical Director, Earthware
  • Peter McKiernan, Bing Maps Syndication Product Manager, Microsoft
  • Jeff Root, Bing Maps Solution Specialist, Microsoft

Join us for a webcast to discover “What’s New with Bing™ Maps” on Tuesday, March 1 at 4pm GMT. Please click here for more details and to register for the Webcast.


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