Bing Preview Release Notes: Chat History, Charts, Export, and more 

This week, we continue to ship features we announced on May 4th and respond to your product feedback.  Some of these features may appear temporarily in your Bing chat experience as we experiment with them.  These Release Notes will update you on which features have shipped as of today and are now fully available to everyone.

Here’s what we’ve updated: 

  • Chat history: Bing now remembers the history of previous chat threads and displays them on the right-hand side of the chat window.  From here, you can return to any previously saved conversation and pick up where you left off.  Chat history also has controls that allow you to easily delete, rename, export, or share a conversation with others.  Names of chats are based by default on the first query in the thread. 
  • Charts and visualizations: We’re continuing to use more visual elements to help make chat answers more complete.  Ask “What’s the MSFT stock price?” or “Rank cities in Brazil by population”, and Bing chat will generate a chart. 


  • Export: To help you put your chat answers to work, you can also now export them to a PDF, text file, or Microsoft Word document. 
  • Video overlay: Some chat responses will trigger a video response.  When this happens, you can now click on the video to launch a full-screen video overlay.  If it includes timestamps, these will appear on the right and you can use them to navigate inside the video. 
  • Optimized answers for recipes: We continue to redesign visual elements that appear at the end of text-based answers so they’re better designed for the Bing chat experience.  This week we released improvements for topics related to recipes.  
  • Share fixes: We’ve fixed some issues where the Share dialog took longer to display than intended and did not display the question (only the answer) in the shared conversation. 
  • Auto-suggest quality: We’ve improved the usefulness of suggested words when typing your prompts in Bing chat.  
  • Privacy improvements in Edge sidebar: Chat in sidebar can summarize and answer questions about documents viewed in the Edge browser—whether online or on your PC.  When you ask questions about content on your PC or private content that is otherwise not part of the search index, Bing chat will not record any logs of these conversations.  With the introduction of chat history, you’ll also notice these conversations also do not appear as part of your history. 

Keep your feedback coming!

The Bing Team