Bing Explores the 2016 National Conventions

Next week the National Conventions commence which means we’ve officially hit the home stretch of this year’s unforgettable election season. The Conventions lend themselves to a series of information needs: Who will be speaking, why the conventions are so important to the fate of the election, who will the VPs be and what is the climate in the conventions arenas themselves.

To ensure we deliver the best experience for our users, we spoke to potential voters and asked them what their biggest information needs are during this stage in the election process. All of the feedback received centered on aggregating relevant news in relation to the key moments of the election.

In the coming days we will release a new Bing convention experience, where we provide real-time news from leading news sources along with categorized tweets from different convention attendees so you can get a strong grasp of all the key updates and conversations. You’ll be able to live stream the conventions directly from Bing. And for the basic questions, our conventions FAQ will have you covered. Check back here in the next couple of days to see the experience!

This is a new iteration of Bing’s commitment to providing relevant and insightful Elections related experiences to help you stay empowered and informed this election season. And there will be more where this came from.

- The Bing team