Bing predicts the 2017 NBA Playoffs

With thirty teams, 1,230 regular season games, and one Russell Westbrook who just broke the season triple-double record behind us, the playoffs are sure to be a treat for hoops fans. One team will reign supreme; those who can’t wait until June to find out which one can take a sneak peek at the Bing Predicts NBA Playoffs bracket.

Golden State is predicted to meet Cleveland in the NBA Finals for the third straight year. They are predicted to avenge last year’s defeat to win the series 4-1 and regain the title. If you’re looking for a First Round series to follow, Bing predicts seed #5 Atlanta to upset #4 Washington and win 4-2; Atlanta will not carry the momentum to the Eastern Semifinals though, and lose to Boston in 7 games. In the West, Bing predicts Houston to prevail over Oklahoma City in another much-anticipated First Round series. Houston’s efficient offense, led by MVP-candidate James Harden, will need 7 games to beat Oklahoma and their own MVP-candidate (and Harden’s former OKC teammate) Russell Westbrook. The graphic below shows Bing’s full playoff predictions, including the predicted number of games per series.

Interested in how we do it? We generate our Bing sports predictions in two stages. We start with a traditional statistical model which incorporates win/loss, margins of victory, record at home and on the road, player composition, and many other factors to determine team strength.

Bing Predicts then adds web/social signals to capture the “wisdom of the crowd” to further improve predictive accuracy.

Let Bing power your playoffs experience starting this weekend, with information, team info, schedules, and more.

-The Bing Team