Get your first down with Bing’s football and fantasy predictions

Professional football is finally back and, as in previous seasons, and the Bing Predicts team has you covered. We will provide weekly predictions for your favorite team as well as the other 31 teams, plus playoff and Super Bowl predictions. (Our models predict Carolina over New England, in case you wondered. Read below for the full playoff predictions).

We also have weekly fantasy projections to help your fantasy team get the edge in that high-stakes office league. Find all the information you need each week on Bing: schedules, scores, standings, teams, and players.

Weekly Power Rankings

Bing Predicts’ machine learning and deep knowledge takes power rankings to a new level, giving you a glimpse into your team’s future. Every Tuesday at noon Pacific Time, we will update our power rankings with predictions for which team the Predicts model forecasts to win its respective division, and which teams are on-pace to earn those elusive wild-card spots. Here are our projected pre-season playoff rankings:

1. New England (AFC East),
2. Cincinnati (AFC North),
3. Kansas City (AFC West),
4. Houston (AFC South),
5. New York Jets (first wild-card),
6. Denver (second wild-card).

1. Carolina (NFC South),
2. Green Bay (NFC North),
3. Arizona (NFC West),
4. Philadelphia (NFC East),
5. Minnesota (first wild-card),
6. Seattle (second wild-card). 

These rankings will update dynamically as the season unfolds, so check or the Bing mobile app weekly for our full divisional and wild card predictions, and find out whether your team is among those top 12 playing deeper into January.

Weekly Game-by-Game Predictions

Search for your favorite team to find its schedule and chance of winning its weekly matchup: Just look for the blue flag (see the table below), or search for NFL predictions to get the coming week’s predictions for all games. This feature gives you the information you need heading into Sunday, whether you’re a survivor-pool fanatic or simply want to have a point of view at the coffee machine at work.

For week one, Bing predicts a 57 percent chance for a Carolina win over Denver in the September 8 season opener. On September 11, we predict an Atlanta win over Tampa Bay (58 percent chance); Green Bay over Jacksonville (55 percent), and Arizona over a New England team without Tom Brady (67percent), to name a few. Bing predicts three likely upsets: Buffalo over Baltimore, San Francisco over Los Angeles, and New York’s Gang Green over Cincinnati.

Fantasy Football Features

For some of you, the success of your fantasy football team is as important as the record of your hometown franchise. Get a competitive advantage from Bing in your fantasy league, with projections of player stats and scores by position (see table below) as well as all-up top players. Search for “fantasy football predictions” on Bing when deciding who to start each week, and which free agents to pick up in order to help you optimize your weekly lineup.

Which running back should you start on week one? Curious about how many fantasy points your wide receiver is going to score? Check Bing Predicts’ latest fantasy football projections.

Before, During and After the Game

Bing has the bass down too. Before the game we’ll help you locate each team’s stat leaders and predicted game-changers, as well as game location, time and broadcast network. During the game, you can search for up-to-date scoring drives.

After the game, we know how important it is to help you find results and the postgame highlights, so make it part of your Sunday-night routine to visit or the Bing mobile app. Check back with us at the start of the season as these features become available.

Whether you’re looking for information to help you dominate your fantasy league or just enjoy great football, don’t make your moves without checking in with Bing first. Just like you, we’re counting the hours till the first whistle blows on September 8. Good luck out there this season!

-The Bing Team