Who is Going to Win Dancing with the Stars?

After correctly predicting the last winner, Bing Predicts is back again for a new season of Dancing with the Stars!

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Once again, we will be employing a variety of different signals including search queries and social input from Facebook and Twitter to predict the eliminations and top performers. Last season, we were able to predict all but one of the eliminations during show’s run. To see where you favorite contestant stacks up, simply search for DWTS or any related query to the show and the contestants. Here are two sample queries you can try on Bing {DWTS predictions} or {DWTS}.

In addition to predictions, you can use Bing to learn more about your favorite contestants with a snapshot of helpful information available on the results page.



Check it out and let us know what you think on Twitter (@Bing, #BingPredicts.)

–      Rani Qumsiyeh, Bing Predicts Team