Microsoft Phishing Filter & Games Add-ins

Hi, I am a PM on the toolbar team. With the help of the MSN Games and MSN Safety teams, we’ve just released two new toolbar add-ins. One is the Microsoft Phishing Filter Add-in and the other is the MSN Games Add-in.

Phishing is an attempt to gain people’s credit card, SSN, and other personal info. Quite often the method of attach is luring people to official-looking websites that prompt them to enter this information. The Phishing Add-in uses a combination of website heuristics (domain, IP, etc.) and aggregated customer-reported data to protect you from phishing attacks. As you browse the web you can use it to report phishing sites that you discover, as well as to report to Microsoft sites that are being misidentified as phishing sites. Your feedback is essential to the quality of this service. We really hope that this add-in protects people from phishing

The games add-in is a little more fun. It provides you with quick links to some of the more popular zone games as well as the opportunity to participate in the daily trivia quiz (right from the plug-in).

 Alex Selkirk, Program Manager