MSN Search Plugins for Firefox

Internet Explorer is my browser of choice and I’m eagerly looking forward to the enhancements coming in IE 7.  However, some of our customers prefer using Firefox and we respect that choice.  Some developers in our user community have created Firefox plug-ins to make it easy to do searches on MSN from the Firefox search box.  Even though it’s currently buried in Firefox under “Add Engines… Find lots of other search engines…”, it seems that our customers have been finding it since we’re listed as one of the most popular search engine plugins.

I use Firefox sometimes in the course of my job – and when I do, I love having the MSN Search engine plugged-in up in the chrome.  If you’re currently a Firefox user – I hope you’ll enjoy this little nugget. For more MSN Search fun with Firefox (or IE!), try out the PDC version of MSN Search enabled by a Trixie / Greasemonkey script.

We are committed to building the world’s best search engine and making it accessible wherever our customers want it.  It’s why we did our recent work at the PDC to announce our search SDK.  It’s also why there is now a beta of MSN Search on mobile phones.  Leave a comment – tell us where you’d like to see us make our search engine easier to use.

And if you’re a Firefox user, add MSN to the list by going to the MSN Firefox Plugin Page and clicking on the link for your market.

Ken Moss
General Manager, MSN Web Search