Use Bing's Campaign Landscape Before You Vote

In roughly three weeks, America will elect the 45th President of the United States of America. However, this unprecedented campaign year has left many voters with unanswered questions and undecided when it comes to Trump vs. Clinton.
To help you get answers, stay informed on breaking news, and more, we’ve once again updated the Bing elections experience based on your changing needs and where we are in the campaign timeline. We’ve added a new tab called Campaign Landscape and it provides you a view of the winning predictions and candidate spending. Here’s what we got in store:

Winning predictions by state: Go to the Campaign Landscape tab to see who Bing predicts is going to win this election and who is going to win each state, both updated in real-time. Soon we’re adding forecasts for each congressional race and which party will control the balance of power in Congress. And if you want to hear what the polls have to say too, Bing will have you covered. You can rely on us to check the heartbeat of where this campaign season stands.

A view on candidates spending: Also under the Campaign Landscape tab is a map view of how much money each candidate is spending in each state and how much each candidate has raised from different sources, industries and Super PACs on the national level.

Your state’s voting preference by demographic: Curious who’s voting for Clinton and who’s a Trump fan? Use the map view by state to see search volume by each candidate in relation to age and gender.

The latest headlines: The homepage of our elections experience is a news hub which helps you search for the most salient, trending news stories in the election from across the web from a diverse set of publications.

Stream the final debate through Bing: Last but not least, you can stream the final presidential debate through Bing on your desktop or mobile device. Just search “presidential debate” tomorrow on Bing and we will direct you to a live stream of the final debate between the two candidates before election day. You can also find more information about the upcoming debate here.
Thank you.
-The Bing Team