Search Bing to find radio stations to stream

There are many formats for listening to music, yet radio remains the number one platform. In fact, Nielsen reported earlier this year that 93 percent of adults listen to the radio every week.
Given this preference for radio, the Bing team has partnered with TuneIn to improve our radio-related search results, allowing users to more easily locate radio station information and find radio stations available for streaming.
Enhancing our radio search experience is a natural extension of Bing’s existing music search experience, which already includes the ability to find videos, read lyrics and locate where to listen to your favorite songs and podcasts.

Search for ‘online radio stations’ to see a sample of some of the most searched for radio stations. Click the play button to listen to a radio station from the web. On a PC you’ll notice a smaller tab redirecting you to TuneIn’s website, allowing you to listen to music from the radio station while you continue to search or move on to another task. On mobile, TuneIn’s app will be opened right to the station you searched for.

Popular online radio stations
This is just the beginning. Today, with the help of TuneIn, we have identified over 10,000 stations and formats for you to discover and listen to, and will continue to add stations over the coming months.
We hope you enjoy this new feature on Bing and look forward to hearing your feedback. If you have other ideas for how we can make your music experience even better, go to Bing Listens and share your thoughts.
- The Bing Team