Cortana and Bing help get you in the Halloween spirit

Halloween is creeping up. Whether you need a terrifying costume for your dog, tips for carving the perfect pumpkin, or a recipe to concoct a bubbling potion for your party, Bing can help. Using the top Halloween-related searches, we’ve scared up some tricks and treats to make your fright night even better.

Bing Tricks

Last-minute costumes

The Bing team has made it easy to search costumes for kids or adults. Once you’ve found your perfect match, look for the shopping cart badge to see the number of sites selling that item.

Not sure what to wear? Ask Cortana “what should I wear for Halloween?”

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Inspiration for pumpkin carving

Whether you prefer a classic design, want to create a cutout of your favorite celebrity or you’re looking to do something more elaborate, you’ll find thousands of pumpkin carving ideas with Bing images. For a little extra help on your Jack-o’-lantern, try one of these printable patterns.

Halloween blog_P2a_102615

Festive food ideas

If you’re planning a party or simply looking to create a seasonal treat and need some inspiration, browse Bing images for a sweet set of desserts. You can even find recipes by clicking on the images with the new recipe badges.

Halloween blog_P3a_102615

Movies to set the mood

What better time for a little fright fest than Halloween? Binge-watch a few of these popular scary movies, catch up on free episodes of the TV show ‘Scream Queens’ or play a couple rounds of Cortana’s horror movie game by using the phrase “guess the horror movie.”

Halloween blog_P4_102615

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Bing Treats

Spooky Map

Your drive just got a little more fun this week with the Bing Spooky Map* experience. Starting today you can opt-in to the Spooky Map to see the frighteningly fun color palate and a new set of Halloween-themed icons to denote landmarks. We’ve even curated a list of haunted houses in the United States, United Kingdom and Canada.

Haunting Homepage

Haunting Homepage

On Halloween, visit the Bing Homepage* for a hauntingly good time. We don’t want to spoil the surprise, but let’s just say you’re in for a very spooky treat. Can’t wait? Check out our Explore page this Friday for a sneak peek.



Have a safe and happy Halloween!

-The Bing Team

*Available in select countries