Explore Pinterest Boards with Bing

At Bing image search, we’re always trying to make it easier to find you the best pictures from around the web. We use cutting-edge computer vision, powerful filtering tools, and lots of computational horsepower to sift through billions of images every time you search.

But lately, we’ve noticed that the most interesting pictures on the web are being collected by people, not computers. On sites like Pinterest, passionate curators can build up a collection of ideas that shows off their unique style. We started to ask ourselves, what if we could have the best of both worlds, combining the power of algorithms with the taste and judgment of real people.

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Back in April, we introduced the Pin to Pinterest feature, allowing you to pin and save results directly from Bing image search. And today, we’re excited to announce Image collections for Bing image search, which brings together curated collections of images from around the web. Now, when you search for an image on Bing, you’ll notice related boards on Pinterest right alongside regular search results.

Image collections are great for a search like Halloween decorating ideas, where we bring together cute pictures from around the web with creative collections by people who are passionate about decorating their house in the best way possible. Or try a search like updo hairstyles, where Image collections show you a variety of beautiful styles to get inspired from.



Below are a few additional examples of how you can use Bing to find Image collections of apparel, food, places, Do-It-Yourself projects, and animals. Click on each link to see how Bing can help you spend less time searching for the images you’re looking for and get inspired


· Wedding dress ideas

· DIY Halloween costumes


· Dessert recipes

· Pumpkin pie


· Norwegian forest cat

· Goldendoodles


· Beach getaways

· New York City


· Easy Pumpkin carving ideas

· Animal coloring pages

This is only the beginning of our exploration of ways to showcase social communities within Bing image search, so stay tuned for more in the weeks and months ahead. To learn more about how Bing is improving image search results, check out our Search Quality Insights seriesfor a behind-the-scenes look at the ongoing work of Bing’s Research and Development team.

To get started, go to bing.com and click on the Images tab to take Bing image search for spin and let us know what you think on Twitter.

– Jon Noronha, Nevin Yang and Deepak Santhanam, Program Managers, Bing Image Search