The Search is on for Halloween Costumes

Did October sneak up on you as fast as it did me? All I know is once the calendar reads October the Halloween preparations begin.  Before anything else- before I dust off my box of Halloween decorations, before I figure out what all my friends plans are for that night-  I head online to decide what to dress up like and more importantly to decide what to dress my kids in. OK, maybe not more importantly as one would suspect.

Our data shows that the term “sexy Halloween costumes” is searched for twice as many times as that of “toddler or baby costume.” So even though we tend to make this Halloween about them it is really about us.  The costume craze is even more reinforced to us knowing that people are searching for their costumes 80% more than they are searching for ways to deck out their homes in that fake cemetery or witches den motif.

OK, so now what is trending in the popular Halloween costumes for 2010. It looks like pop culture has a lot to do with who we will see this year on the neighborhood sidewalks and at all the parties in town. Of course Lady Gaga is topping the list… the question is which look of hers will you be? Did you enjoy Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland movie this year? It seems like you are not alone, that was also one of the top searches for Halloween costumes last week. We wonder if people will be coming as the Mad Hatter? The Queen? Or just Alice?

Now for the kids…that is why we are here. Right? Remember back in the day when you would cut the eyes out of a white sheet, grab an old pillow case and run around collecting all the candy you could in the 2hrs after dinner and before bedtime. Well, it seems as though people are still opting for the ghost ensemble (I am sure a bit more elaborate) as well as the traditional witch, black cat and skeleton. However, the hot costumes for younger kids still seem to be Harry Potter and of course thanks to Twilight and the rest of the vampire madness you will be seeing a few of them around this year.


You now have a good idea of the various costumes that will be hot in 2010, now head online and find the best deal with Bing Shopping and don’t forget about your pet’s costume (they can join the fun too).

Trick of Treat!

Kristin Meldahl – Bing


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