Bing: Your ticket to football

Throughout the football season, we’ve been
talking about how to use Bing for your game-day decisions.  Dogs vs.
brats, cab vs. drive, Peyton Manning vs Tom Brady or hoodie vs. body paint –
all of which are key decisions to be made during the season.  And on
the field, there are decisive moments in the game that make the difference
between celebrating your team’s win or mourning their loss.  As the
days tick down to the biggest game of the season, Bing wants to take a minute
to celebrate and connect you to all parts of the football

  • To salute the elite group of quarterbacks that have led their
    teams to a Super Bowl ring,  ESPN
    is launching a new feature series called I
    am a World Champion,” presented by Bing
    , offering a first-person
    narrative from the signal callers who helped define the biggest game in
    American sports. 
    Also, as the official Decision Engine of ESPN The Magazine’s
    2011 NEXT event, Bing will be presenting an open-to-the-public panel of
    Super Bowl-winning quarterbacks including Joe Montana, Doug Williams and
    Kurt Warner on Saturday, Feb. 5 at 2 p.m. CST.

  • To spotlight the big
    game, we have teamed with 
    Sports Illustrated to bring fans the Most
    Decisive Moments
     from the past 44 Super Bowls, presented by Bing. Most
    games come down to one play, one decision, one moment that decides the
    outcome. Sports Illustrated has compiled the Most Decisive Moments in
    Super Bowl history and users will be voting their way to decide on the mo
    decisive moment of all time to be announced on Feb 4th

  • Led by nationally
    recognized Commissioner of Tailgating, Joe Cahn, the Bing
    National Tailgating Championship’s
    regional finals took place in
    stadium parking lots in six cities across the US over the past several months. 
    On February 3rd, the six regional champions will compete for the
    national championship in Dallas/Fort Worth and for the coveted Golden

  • Not everyone gets to go
    to the Big Game, but everybody left at home likes to have a great
    party.  Get your 
    Bowl party planning tips from The Commish himself.

  • We’ve pulled together
    our starting line-up of Bing features that help serious fans prep for
    their gridiron traditions and simplify their game-day decisions.
    here to
    learn more about what Bing offers football fans

    including player comparisons and stats, sports trivia, taxi fare
    calculator, weather, recipes, local restaurants and bars, parking lot
    finders and more.

Enjoy the rest of the season!

Danielle Tiedt- General Manager, Bing

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