Use Your Voice to Text, Call and Search with Bing

Today Sprint Wireless announced their new Samsung Intrepid phone with a new voice user interface from Tellme.  This new interface will allow you to search the Web with Bing by speaking your search query, compose a text message or even dial a contact by simply talking instead of typing.  Check out this video to see this new voice interface in action:

(Please visit the site to view this video)

Have you ever really stopped to think about how many steps it takes to get anything done on your phone? 

For example, searching the web for a restaurant can take over 20 strokes of the keypad and sending a text message can take even more depending on how long your message is.  How about the numbers of steps it takes to place a simple call to your mom, this can take up to 6 steps. 

The number of steps it takes to complete your tasks may not be a real problem for when you are sitting at your desk or at home on the couch.  But what about those times when you are carrying that bag of groceries in one arm and you need to text your spouse that you need them to pick up the kids from soccer practice?  Or walking up and down a busy Manhattan sidewalk searching for the address of the café where you were supposed to meet your friends for breakfast 20 minutes ago?   We call these ‘multitasking scenarios’ and they are more common than you think.  According to a recent study from Sanderson Studio, 40% of Smartphone usage occurs in multitasking scenarios where the user cannot offer their undivided attention to their phone.

This is where the voice interface from Tellme will help simplify your life.  Tellme makes many of the most popular phone functions easily accessible from a single button.  Users just press the voice button on their phone and talk. 

Searching, texting and dialing just got easier thanks to Tellme.

Dariusz Paczuski – Senior Director, Mobile