Frank *talk* from MSN Search

Finally, MSN Search was visited by Channel 9 – the amazing MSDN Web site that brings the people of Microsoft to you in video.  Erik Selberg and I joined Robert Scoble for a lively, hour-long discussion.  Check out the video here.


We talk about:

  • the neural network (see June 21 post), 01:30
  • static versus dynamic rank (see our May 03 post), 04:00

  • search engine optimization, 08:20

  • the nature of relevance, 12:00

  • index size (see Aug 29 Post), 17:00

  • the 64 bit Windows infrastructure of MSN Search, 24:00

  • Link based importance, 38:00

And lots more — check it out! BTW, in a small world moment, Erik and I worked together on software for psychology experiments when we attended Carnegie Mellon way back in 1990. We also shared a wall between our respective abodes, and… wait, those stories are for a different blog!


Andy Edmonds, Program Management