Find and save for later on Bing

One of the great things about search is that you have the world of information at your fingertips. Yet you don’t always have time to explore everything you find right at the moment you discover it. Now, with the new My Saves search capability offered on Bing, you can easily stash video, images and shopping searches you find while using Bing, and view them later on your PC or mobile device, as long as you’re signed in.

Let’s take the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday as an example. Today, searching for the ‘best ways to cook a turkey’ on Bing turns up several video search results to choose from. With the new My Saves searching feature, you can save where you found them by hovering on the video result and clicking ‘Save.’ Then decide later which will be the crowd pleaser. This action saves that searched item to ’My Saves’ where you can come back and view it later when it’s convenient for you.

The same feature exists for image search. For example, use Bing’s image search for holiday place setting ideas and save the results you like.  You can then go to the image source to research prices, purchase the item or, when you’re at the store for the item, use the image to get to the web source and ensure you get the right item.

Finally, an area we’re especially excited about is shopping. Let’s say you look for an adorable 'Thanksgiving decorations' in image search. For shopping searches, you’ll see a blue banner above images that reads, ‘See shopping results’. Clicking on this will filter your results to images of products you can purchase. You can save your favorite search results and access them from ‘My Saves’ at a later time so you don’t feel pressured to make a purchase on the fly. Once your decision is made and you no longer need a saved item, you can easily delete the relevant searched products.

We're focused on delivering an experience where you can easily search, find and save search results across all your devices. We hope you enjoy this new feature on Bing and look forward to hearing your thoughts.  If you have other ideas for how we can make your search, find and save experience even better, go to Bing Listens and share your thoughts. Please note, the features may not be released in all markets yet.
- The Bing Team