Bing Predicts this year’s American Music Award winners

This Sunday, November 22, millions of music fans will watch the 43rd Annual American Music Awards, with host Jennifer Lopez. If you’re among this group, head to Bing before the show begins to see the latest information on nominees, details on artists and their songs, and to see if you agree with who Bing predicts will take home the trophy for each category. Here’s a quick overview of the content you’ll discover when you search Bing for AMA information.

Review nominees by category

With more than 20 categories, it can be tough to track who’s nominated and for what. To help, Bing has created a carousel of all nominees and the categories their nominated for.

ama carousel

See Bing Predicts by category

Using web and social signals to analyze data related to the artists, the Bing Predicts team generated a list of anticipated winners for each category. Below is a sneak peek at the list. You can see the full set of predictions here—just click on an artist to see the category and predicted outcome.

Just some of the Bing predictions for this year’s AMA winners:

ama predicts

Find, play and sing along to songs

Bing makes it easy to sing along with your favorite artists or discover new songs. Simply click on an artist from the nominee carousel, look for the section titled “Songs” on the right side of the screen under artist information, and click on a song of choice. From there, a carousel of songs by that artist or band will appear at the top of your search results enabling you to listen to and see lyrics for as many as you want.

ama song

We look forward to hearing what you think. You can share your thoughts on Bing Listens. Also, don’t forget to come back to Bing on Monday to see news and images of the evenings event.

– Anthony Tran, Product Lead for Bing Entertainment, and Jonas Barklund, Bing Predicts Team