Bing Predicts now 93-53 after a 4-10 Week 10

Each week Bing Predicts picks the winners of every professional football game.  By every Wednesday, for the rest of the season, we’ll update our prior week’s results, share our upcoming week’s predictions on Bing and provide insights into how we make our picks.

Week 10 Results:

After two weeks where Bing Predicts went 22-5, a series of upsets resulted in a final tally of 4-10 for Week 10 games. If you use the mutual fund analogy, while we were ahead of the market (consensus fan polls on two major sports sites were both 3-11), Bing Predicts did have a tough week with several upsets happening which our models did not pick.  This included Detroit getting a very rare road win, first since 1990, in Green Bay, Seattle experiencing a somewhat rare loss at home, Denver getting behind 29-0 at home before losing on a day where their QB broke the league passing record despite recording one of the worst fantasy scores for a QB this season before getting benched and Jacksonville also getting a rare road win, first in the last 14 games, after getting an untimed final play following a defensive facemask penalty.

Like Denver, Cincinnati, Green Bay, Seattle and Baltimore, we hope to bounce back in Week 11.

Week 11 Predictions:

Week 11 starts with yet another Thursday night divisional match-up, one between Tennessee and Jacksonville, which does not resemble the January 2000 conference championship game between 15-2 and 15-3 teams.  In this year’s version, we believe 3-6 Jacksonville gets the home win over 2-7 Tennessee. In possibly the most notable of the Sunday games, we have Arizona giving Cincinnati a two-game losing streak after their strong 8-0 start.  In the Monday night game, we have New England staying unbeaten, despite dealing with injuries, over divisional rival Buffalo.  With a predicted Carolina win, both New England and Carolina continue as the remaining 10-0 teams going into the season’s final 6 weeks.

Here are the predictions for the other 10 Sunday games:

  • Atlanta defeats an Indianapolis team missing their starting quarterback as both return from their bye week.
  • Baltimore defeats Saint Louis in a match-up between two teams who have only played each other 5 previous times (Baltimore leads 3-2).
  • Detroit gets their first non-divisional win of 2015 with a home victory over Oakland.
  • Denver travels to Chicago and gets back on the winning track.
  • Kansas City push their win streak to 4 games with back-to-back divisional road wins, this time against San Diego.
  • Miami goes to 3-0 against the other East division with a win over Dallas.
  • Minnesota extends their division lead with a home victory, extending Green Bay’s losing streak to 4 games.
  • New York takes advantage of greater preparation time, an extra four days since they played Thursday while Houston played a road Monday night game, to win on the road.
  • Philadelphia returns to 5-5 and a share of the division lead with a win over Tampa Bay.
  • Seattle completes the season sweep against San Francisco to get back to 5-5.


-Walter Sun, Bing Predicts Team Lead