Football Fans Rejoice: Streamlined NFL Answers Arrive


Keeping tabs on your favorite NFL teams and players just got faster. Today, we’re releasing an improved NFL Instant Answer to the Bing results page giving you instant access to what’s happening across the league. Now, when you search for an NFL team, individual player or “NFL score” you will instantly see the latest scores and statistics at the top of Bing.

Player Stats at a Glance

Curious, to know how your favorite player is faring? Time to make a trade? Search for an NFL player and see their stats for the year, stats for their career and their bio at the top of the results page. You can toggle between three tabs to get a complete snapshot of the player.


Real-Time Scores

This Sunday type “NFL Scores” and you will see up-to-the-minute game-day scores at the top of Bing. Click on the schedule tab to see the next matchup or click season leaders to see where you team stacks up on the leader board.


NFL Team Snap-Shots

Search for your favorite team and instantly get all of the top statistics including offensive yards, defensive yards and divisional ranking.


Get a Deal on NFL Tickets

Ready to go to a game? Looking for a deal on NFL tickets? Last but not least, you will find deals on NFL tickets highlighted within the answer.



We hope this help you with your gameday decisions. As always, let us know what you think.

May the best team win!

– Hemant Kumar, Program Manager, Bing

*These features are currently only available in the United States.