Bing for Mobile now available on all major US mobile operators

It’s been an exciting week for us here at Bing.

On Monday, Windows Phone 7 hit US store shelves giving people access to Bing for Mobile out of the box. And for you Verizon Wireless customers, with the release of the Samsung Continuum and the Motorola Citrus, we are happy to announce the Bing for Mobile Android App will come preinstalled. 

Since the launch of the Bing for Mobile Android App in the Verizon Wireless Android Market, many of you asked when the Bing App will be available from your own operators.  We are pleased to announce that we have just released the Bing App to all major U.S. mobile operators through Android Markets.  As we highlighted in August, Android users can find the Bing image of the day with clickable hotspots, image search, news, local business listings and reviews, instant answers for movies, flights movies, and more. 


Just search the Market for “Bing”, download, and you have access to Bing Maps, Bing Widget and the Bing app directly from your Android device.

– Andy Chu, Bing for Mobile

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