Bing Feature Update: Bing releases new Artist Pages

This week we are releasing improvements to help you to discover, explore and experience your favorite recording artists. 

Whether you’re looking to discover deeper cuts, in the market for tickets to the next concert, brushing up on your favorite lyrics, buying a song or finding out whether the lead singer was arrested, Bing now organizes the most common things associated with your favorite artist in a new user interface.    

  • Songs and Albums:  Looking for a song? Now you can search, find, listen and buy it right from Bing. You can even sing along with the lyrics.

Lady Gaga

  • Images and Videos: Are you visual?  Peruse the latest artist images and videos in one spot.

Lady 2

  • News and Events:  Is your favorite band making news?  Get headlines at a glance. Where are they performing next?   See a list of appearances and tour dates alongside their music.

Lady gag 3



Let us know what you think.

Anthony Tran – Bing Music Team