Top Bing Searches in 2009

Cue Music. Awwww, 2009. It was a year of UFO shaped dirigibles, mom jeans on pop stars, real housewives, a new president, and a new decision engine. Oh and there may have been something about Vampires too, we weren’t really paying attention. Yes, it was quite a year and what better way to reminisce then by taking a trip down memory lane with a look back at what topped the list of Bing searches. If you’re curious how we determined the top searches, we analyzed billions of search queries and developed the list based on searches made with Bing.

Not surprisingly, we saw a lot of folks using Bing for quick access to favorite sites like Facebook, MSN, Youtube and Craigslist. We also saw a lot of more complex searches such as product related queries in which people used Bing to help decide what MP3 player to buy and travel searches to help find the best deals on a tropical vacation.

And also not surprising were the headlines of the year. So without further ado, let’s do this.

Top Bing Trending Topics:

1) Michael Jackson

2) Twitter

3) Swine Flu

4) Stock Market

5) Farrah Fawcett

6) Patrick Swayze

7) Cash for Clunkers

8) Jon and Kate Gosselin

9) Billy Mays

10) Jaycee Dugard

Are there any hot topics you think should have made the list? Do you think you know the who’s who of Hollywood? If this sounds like you, look for the launch of Bing’s “Most Popular Searches of 2009” Facebook quiz to test your relevance I.Q., challenge your friends and to see who topped off the most searched female and male celebrities, movies, TV shows and much more. 

To hold you over, here’s a sneak peek at the top three celebrities searched using Bing for 2009. Megan Fox from the Transformers saga came in third on our list who was beat by our second place favorite Vampire, Robert Pattinson. And the number one searched person this year…. drum roll please…


That’s right folks, Perez Hilton, “Hollywood’s most hated website” owner topped our list of most searched people this year on Bing.

Now it’s your turn, we want to know what YOU think was all the rage this year in search. So fan Bing on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to get more details and to be notified on when you can take the quiz.

Here’s to a very memorable 2009!

Danielle Tiedt – General Manager, Bing