Bing is Taking New York City Dogs for a Walk

If you live in Manhattan you might notice a new fashion trend that is spreading via the city’s Dog Walkers. We have partnered with Rodney Dorival, owner of Big Paws, Little Claws to bring awareness to Bing by outfitting the local Dog Walkers with Bing Branded t-shirts. And we just happen to love dogs too.


We will be doing some fun and interactive dog walker inspired games via the @bing twitter handle as well as on our Bing Facebook page throughout the summer. And on Fridays, we’ll be handing out Bing dog leashes in person and on twitter!  Just submit photos of the walkers and dogs that you see around town to Facebook or twitter with the #bingpaws hashtag for a chance to see them featured on our Facebook site. Make sure to also follow us on Twitter @bing and look for the #BingPaws hashtag for the latest on how you can play and win!

So for all you in the Manhattan area, keep an eye out for a dog walker and grab your camera when you see them! And for all you dog lovers around the country, check out the Bing visual search gallery to sort and view all your favorite dog breeds and maybe even find a new addition to the family!

Happy dog walking!

Kristin Meldahl – Bing