You talk. We listen.

In our last release of Live Search for Windows Mobile we snuck in a little feature that allows users to send feedback directly to the engineering team. Since then, we’ve received tons of messages from users, many of which have been requests for new functionality. So what’s the moral of the story? Ask, and you shall receive. Here’s the list of some of the cool stuff we’ve built in response to user feedback.

Weather  By far the most often-requested feature: get current weather conditions and a four-day forecast by clicking the Weather icon.

Image of Live Search Mobile weather for Boston

Web search  Search the Web, news, images, and more just by clicking the Web icon.

Increased traffic coverage  Piggy-backing on great work done by Live Search Maps, view up-to-the-minute traffic info for more cities, like Dallas, Indianapolis, and Baltimore.

Image of Live Search traffic in Dallas

Bluetooth headset support  Now you can use the speech recognition feature with your Bluetooth headset (available on select devices).

Map a contact  Open up a contact, press Menu, and then press Show On Map to view the contact on a map.

Delete a recent location  Simple, yet effective. Click the label showing your current location to display the list of recent locations, scroll to the item you want to delete, press Menu, and then press Delete.

These were the most common asks, but there were also a lot of requests for custom, personalized content. And since the customer is always right, we’ve built a way for you to access the content you care about when you’re on the go.

Collections  Looking for pubs that offer WiFi in Seattle? Want to find a dog park in San Francisco? We can help! Search community-generated content such as Virtual Earth Collections and Google KML and find what you’re looking for.

Image of Live Search Mobile collections 

And we’re still listening. Send us more feedback at

Gary Voronel, Program Manager, Live Search for mobile