Bing Feature Update: Bing News with Real-Time Twitter feed and Enhanced Entertainment Sharing

the past few months
, we have been working hard to help
customers make more informed decisions in search by surfacing the kind of
information you can only get from your friends, often in real-time.  Today, we
are pleased introduce two new ways to experience Twitter and Facebook on Bing.

Bing News adds real-time Twitter updates:

Awhile back we introduced Bing
which lets you plunge into the real-time tweet stream to uncover the
latest updates on the Web.  This week we took it a step further by integrating
some of this real time social data into Bing news.

Now alongside the latest headlines on Bing News, you will find a real-time feed
with the latest updates from Twitter highlighting hot news topics. Search for a
news item and immediately see what people are tweeting on the topic. As we’ve
seen with the tragedy in Japan or political turmoil in the Middle East, real
people are relaying timely and compelling items not captured by traditional
outlets. Bing news now lets you compare and assess authoritative news analysis
alongside real-time citizen journalists so you can decide which content sources
you want to use.

Discover and share movies, tv shows, actors, bands and artists to Facebook
with Bing entertainment:

We recently expanded Liked
which, if you’re signed into Bing and Facebook, highlight links your
friends have publicly liked or shared via Facebook directly in the search
results. This week we released a new way to share movies,
and television
directly to your Facebook profile from Bing. 

Bing entertainment pages now enable you to
click on the “overview” tab and post “what’s on your mind.”  Whether it’s
a movie, a video game or even an artist, now you share your thoughts with just
one click.  For example, my pal Ted here has done a search for “Rango”,
clicked on the overview tab, shared his thoughts on the movie and published
directly to his Facebook profile page. Because I know Ted has quirky tastes and
a penchant for Hunter S. Thompson novels, this begs a comment and more
discussion on Facebook.

Try the Facebook sharing feature out for yourself and see how Bing search
results evolve and provide better insight into your friends’ tastes in

For now, these features are available in the US, and we are excited to hear
what you think.

Betsy Aoki, Senior Program Manager, Bing