Same Picture Different Size

Advances in digital photography technology have catapulted the number of digital images that are available online. Whether through various online photo services or during an everyday search on Bing, the number of digital image results is staggering, and continues to grow at an amazing pace. How you sift through and find the right image and image size could seem daunting. Bing tries to make this easier by enabling you to sort by size, layout, color, or even filter for images that contain faces or entire body.

One feature that will make my life much easier is the ability to find other sizes of an image that I like. I cannot tell you how many times I am looking for a different size image for a specific use. And sometimes I want to limit my searching to one file type, like a jpeg. file.  You can now do all of this with the “Find more sizes” option using Bing Image search.

To see how this works go to Bing and type in Seattle, click on images, then mouse over an image you like and you will see a link that says “Find more sizes”.  Click on it


You will get a page listing where all of the “same” images appear online (with different format, resolution, or with minor editing).  You will also be able to see the other ways this image has been used (mockups, editing, cropping, framing, etc). This will be helpful for the many instances where you need exactly the right resolution, file size or type for a certain project.


And if you need more information on an image — for example, if you are interested in a particular painting, you can find all different pages talking about it, which can be helpful for that next school paper or research project you have.

Van Gogh

Having access to online images is incredibly useful.  Now with new tools to help you organize and sort images to find exactly what you are looking for, some difficult tasks have become a little bit easier.

Yi Li – Bing Developer