Plan Your Spring Break with Bing

Plan Your Spring Break with Bing

Oh how I love this time of year. A little spring cleaning, the start of the NCAA basketball tournament, the anticipation of warm afternoons at the ballpark, and students and families gearing up for Spring Break. As I work away from the comfort of my office, I intend to reminisce and remember the good old days of sunny vacations and relaxation while I continue to work away from the comfort of my desk.

Are you one of the lucky ones who gets to take a vacation for a spring break? If so, we wish we had better news for you. Sadly, according to Bing Travel Fareologist Joel Grus, airfares are up 25% compared to last year. But all is not lost —  it turns out that once you book your airfare, you’ll save on hotels with rates down 17% compared to this same time last year. So while you are building your itinerary on Bing Travel, if the airfare seems high, you can take comfort in the fact that your lower room price might even it out.

Have you picked out your Spring Break destination yet? If not, be sure to check out Bing Visual Search and the new gallery of best Spring Break locations. You can filter by what these locations are known for, best time to visit, location and even by flight time.  Playa Del Carmen sounds pretty nice right about now.


So before you book your Spring Break trip make sure you go to Bing Travel to compare flights, find hotels, figure out the best time to travel and for how long to stay for the best price. And if you are still debating on a Spring Skiing adventure or a relaxing trip to the beach make sure you check out the new Bing Visual Search gallery to help decide.

Kristin Meldahl – Bing