More Than Human

We want to take a moment and congratulate a teammate of ours. This past Tuesday, Ramez Naam, the GPM of our algorithmic results, officially became a published author (and blogger). His book, “More than Human“, discusses both the promises & pitfalls that bio-enhancing technology hold for our world. In his own words:

I wrote this book to cover these two, interrelated topics:
1) The science of human enhancement – what’s actually happening in the labs and what that could lead to in the near future.
2) The ethics, social consequences, and policy challenges of human enhancement. Basically, what we should or shouldn’t do with this technology.

Expect to see him in your city and hear him on your local radio stations – talking about the book, not his day job. Congratulations, Mez!

Brady Forrest, MSN Search PM

PS- Having read several of the earlier drafts I can assure that you that the book will give you a lot to think about.