Investing Decisions Simplified with Bing


Investing is an area where we have made several improvements to help you make decisions easier. Today we will provide an overview of our new finance features that give a quick view of the market and make it easier to find the right stocks.

Quick view of the market

The newly launched Bing finance landing page gives a snapshot of the market status and the top news in the finance world. There are more news items neatly categorized for easy navigation and are accessible by clicking any of the tabs for a news category. The videos will change to reflect your current selection.

Finance 1

Finding the right stocks

We want to help put the right information at your finger tips so that you find the stocks that best fit your needs. Are you bargain hunter, do you go against what is popular or do you jump on what is hot? Regardless, we make it easy for you to find the stocks that fit your investing style. Are you looking to find stocks based on P/E ratio, Dividend yield, Specific Sector? The new Bing stock screener makes it easy for you to find the right stocks based on multiple of criteria.


You will now notice the new filters on the left navigation which are an easy way to refine your criteria and get to the stocks that interest you based on your investment needs.


Another new feature we added in this release is the analyst ratings. The analyst ratings give a glimpse into what the professionals are thinking about each of the stocks. You don’t have to follow what they say but it’s nice to have that information. This is clearly marked as green (buy), Yellow (hold) or Red (Sell). Now for more details about the stock, click on the ticker symbol which will take you to the revamped Stock details page with near real time quotes.

The recent news about the stock is again neatly organized into categories. This gives an indication of what is happening in the market related to this specific stock. Note the wealth of data we present for each stock. On the top we show the standard daily price info common on most finance sites.

Lower on the page we show a slew of other information for the more advanced investor e.g P/E ratio, revenue per employee etc. This information is often the key drivers for investor decisions. In addition, we show how the stocks are rated by two independent third party rating firms (CAPS and Stock Scouter ratings) and we make it easier to find the right stocks is by compiling a list of stocks that are similar to the one you have selected in the left-hand bar.


Finding and evaluating funds

We have not only provided more detail on Stocks but we have also increased the amount of information on the variety of funds you can invest in. The new release provides detailed information for Indexes, Mutual Funds, ETF (exchange traded funds).

Just type in the symbol you are looking for and Bing will show you a detailed page with key data about the fund as well as a chart that tracks the price movement of the fund. In addition, we show the Morningstar rating and the categorization of the fund.




We wish we could tell you what stocks and funds will go up but that feature is unlikely to launch any time soon. But we hope you use and enjoy these new features and that we can make it easier for you to find the investment vehicle that makes the most sense to you.

Vish Vadlamani – Program Lead Bing Finance

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