Tabbed browsing is here!

You asked for it, we told you it was coming and now it’s here! Happy to
let you know Tabs are now available as part of the MSN Search Toolbar
with Windows Desktop Search. Why are tabs so great? Well here is a
personal example: I am addicted to online shopping. Yet I don’t have
the time to constantly monitor the shopping sites I love for great
deals and new items.  The new Tabbed Browsing feature in MSN
Search Toolbar lets me set a group of favorite sites as My Tabs, so
that I can open a set of web pages in tabs all at once. So every
morning as I’m drinking my orange juice, it takes just one click for me
to check out all the latest bargains.

Tabbed browsing not only makes online shopping easier (and my wallet
more broke), it also drastically improves my web search experience!
Have you ever gotten annoyed with hitting the back button repeatedly to
get back to the original search results?  MSN Search Toolbar gives
you the option to open MSN Search results in new background tabs. This
is a HUGE time saver because it lets you keep the search results on one
tab while links that you click open in the background.

Best of all, Tabbed Browsing with MSN Search Toolbar works in Internet Explorer 5.01 or above! IE7 will also offer tabs but in the meantime this is a great option.

Enjoy! Get it now!

-Denise Ho, MSN Search Toolbar PM