Meet Bing Offers Card-Linked: A Simpler Way to Save

Life is complicated. Saving should be simple. With Bing Offers new discount program, Card-Linked, you can ditch the traditional fuss of coupons and pre-paid deals. Card-Linked simplifies saving by turning your favorite credit or debit card(s) into your member discount card. Use your registered card(s) to make qualifying purchases at participating local businesses and save.

Automatic Saving When you register for Card-Linked you’re linking your credit or debit card(s) to a world of saving.  Each time you make a qualifying purchase, we automatically credit your card with the discount. That means no more coupons to remember and no more awkward bargaining. Simply pay with your registered card, and the discount is delivered as a credit within 3 to 5 business days.


Flexibility that Meets Your Needs

You never have to pre-register or pre-pay for a Card-Linked discount. Simply find a discount you like, make a qualifying purchase on a registered card, and save. Our no-hassle, no-commitment system makes it easy for you to save on the go, when you want and where you want.


Maximized Access to Member Benefits We’ve all done it: changed wallets or purses, forgotten the coupon, realized too late that our phone battery was dead. There’s nothing worse than getting to your destination and realizing that you don’t have access to a great deal. That’s why Card-Linked lets you link multiple cards to your member account.


Explore Your City and Beyond

Card-Linked is currently available in the Greater Boston, Phoenix, and Seattle areas, with members enjoying discounts in a variety of neighborhoods. Save on everyday purchases like groceries or dry cleaning. Treat yourself to fine dining or a tour of the city. Indulge in a massage or new haircut. Whatever your need or interest, a free Card-Linked membership empowers you to save while supporting local businesses.


Easy Access to Information When you Want It

We make it easy for you to find great discounts when you want them. Subscribe to our newsletter for weekly updates. Follow our Facebook and Twitter feeds for daily discount reminders and special offers. Share feedback or ask questions on our UserVoice page. Use the website to browse discounts. Or simply save. We offer a variety of ways stay up to date on the latest Card-Linked discounts so you spend less time hunting down deals and more time enjoying member benefits.


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Happy Savings!

– The Bing Offers Team