Experience the music with Bing

As we mentioned last week you are now able to discover, experience and buy music right within Bing Entertainment.

You can find the latest songs as well as sample the songs right there inline with the Zune Player. We have even taken it a step further letting you purchase those songs right from the results page through Amazon.com, iTunes or Zune. Zune is also now allowing you to buy these songs with cash in addition to points.

poker face zune

Have you noticed the link that takes you directly to the lyrics of the songs? More than 70 percent of people look for music lyrics online; I know I can recall a time or two where this would have come in handy in the past.


Now if you are a huge fan and want to listen to the music in person we provide an events tab, which lists out the upcoming concert and event info (looks like the Cleveland concert is already SOLD OUT) and there are also tabs that will take you to the latest news, videos, and images of your favorite artist.


Looking for, listening to, and purchasing music online is something that I do often and now having it all within Bing has made it that much easier to really experience music with Bing.

Chris Rayner – Bing Entertainment

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