Camera Scanning on the iPhone app

Comparison shopping has been around for ages and all of us do it. Whether checking different stores to compare prices or reading reviews on various products, there’s just something about getting the best deal on the best product that validates the entire shopping experience (or maybe that’s just me).  As more and more activities become mobile, comparison shopping is as well. In fact, research shows that 56% of iPhone users compare prices when shopping on their phone. With the recent update to the Bing iPhone app we’re excited to make comparison shopping with your phone even easier with the new camera scanning feature on the Bing for iPhone app. 

Haven’t tried it yet? Let’s walk through it.

1. From the homepage of Bing, click the camera icon to launch the feature. 

2. Point your camera over a barcode; and for books, music, movies, and video games, position the camera over cover art and tap to take a photo.

3. When Bing gets a match, you’ll see “1 result” in the lower corner. 

4. Click on that thumbnail to see product information like descriptions, reviews, prices, and links to merchant websites.  You can even click through to participating merchants to buy the item.

This new barcode scanning feature makes it easy to comparison shop for your favorite products while on the move.




With Bing on your iPhone, we save you time from typing, doing product searches and price comparisons and helps you make better informed shopping decisions.


Andy Chu –  Bing for Mobile