Bing Trends: Top search trends for this year's Oscars

If search trends are a sure indication of an Oscar win, then this year’s best picture statue goes to Black Swan.  

But Natalie Portman shouldn’t start preparing her acceptance speech just yet because the awards don’t always go to the most popular star on the marquee or the most searched for movie on the web.  For instance, The Hurt Locker which took last year’s best picture award was searched 35 times less than Avatar.

The Academy released their nominees on Monday and we thought it would be interesting to find out what people out there are thinking about and searching for this Oscar season.    So we combined Bing search results with a recent Bing survey (fielded by CrowdTap) to provide more insight into who got snubbed, who has popular appeal, and who is the most searched star in the running. 

According to the results, the people’s choice for best supporting actress and actor were left on the cutting room floor.

  • According to Bing’s survey, 32 percent of respondents said Michael Douglas should have nabbed a best supporting actor nomination for his role in Wall Street II.
  • 41 percent said Mila Kunis should have been nominated for best supporting actress.

When asked which Golden Globe nominees would get snubbed at the Academy Awards, those surveyed were spot on:

  • 25% said Emma Stone would get snubbed for the best actress nomination
  • 23% said Johnny Depp would get snubbed for the best actor nomination
  • 30% said Alice in Wonderland and 25% said Burlesque would get snubbed for Best Picture nomination

A new award should be created for films that impact real world search patterns.  Searches for “Mark Zuckerburg” jumped 5.5 fold in October, the same month that “The Social Network” was released in the U.S. In fact, searches for “Facebook” more than doubled during Oct. and Nov. 2010, returning to the 2010 average in the month of December

To bring to life the findings we have created a full infographic. Click on the image below to see full size (right click and save if you would like to use.)

Check out the Oscar’s Bing Visual Search Gallery where you can see all the past winners and sort by categories including best picture, youngest actor and most wins.

Break a leg!

– The Bing Team