Game Day: What do you have cooking?

The office pool, big screen TV’s, great commercials, the half time show, friends and family.  These are all things that remind me of super bowl Sunday. However no game day is ever complete without a monumental spread of food. Now that we’ve shared some tips and trick to help prepare for the big game, time for the menu. I know in my house Nachos and Buffalo wings are a must to kick off the game and by the half time show we have the Hot Dogs and Burgers on the barbeque . If you are not a hot dog and hamburger kind of crowd then you might want to try out a new recipe for Pizza or Chili. I know that this year I am going to spice things up with our new recipe feature and get creative with Beer. Beer’Garitas anyone?

Whether or not you are a Colts or Saints fan we know that for some of you this Sunday will be filled with some great football to watch, some pretty entertaining commercials, and if nothing else some wonderful food that you hopefully were inspired to make from searching on Bing.

So have fun eating your way through the Super “Bowl”.

Kristin Meldahl

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