Hello Microsoft.com

This past December we quietly made a change to the way people search on Microsoft.com –  Microsoft.com Search is now powered by MSN Search.  This was an exciting project to work on.  We were super jazzed that another team wanted to use our search technology and the Microsoft.com team was equally excited to be upgrading their search to the best Internet Search technology that Microsoft has to offer.  Not only that, but this was not just any team, but rather search for Microsoft.com which is one of top 10 sites on the Internet. The exact position within the top 10 depends on whose numbers you trust most :)


The result we think is a far improved search of Microsoft.com content – the satisfaction levels of Microsoft.com search are up and the number of people using search.microsoft.com also increased.  The true judge, however, of whether we are delivering good results is you. So, stop by search.microsoft.com, try out your favorite queries and send us some feedback.



And to boot we shipped this in 58 markets and 31 languages!


Eytan Seidman

Lead Program Manager — MSN Search