Bing predicts The Voice finals

Throughout the last year, we have been applying the intelligence of Bing to predict things like the mid-term election results and the NFL playoffs. Bing makes predictions by taking into account a variety of data signals from across the web. Today, we’re happy to bring you our predictions for the finale of NBC’s hit singing competition, The Voice.

Of the final four contestants, our data says that the conversation is really only between two: Matt McAndrew and Craig Wayne Boyd. While we can pretty confidently cut the field in half, the race is almost too close to call between Matt and Craig. Based on our latest data, we are giving the slight edge to Matt at a 42.46% chance of winning vs. Craig with a 40.9% chance of winning.

The Voice predictions

The major factors which led to us predicting Matt’s victory include the number of people watching videos of his performances on the web throughout the season and very positive Twitter sentiment. Craig’s strong showing can be attributed to his large fan base, observed by the number of people visiting his homepage and The Voice contestant page, along with his very strong performance last week to get into the finals. Chris Jamison (11.1% probability of winning) and, wildcard addition, Damien (5.54% probability of winning) bring up the rear and, while it’s not impossible for them to take home the title, it looks very unlikely at this point.

Throughout this season of The Voice, Bing has successfully predicted 13 out of 15 bottom contestants correctly (86.6% accuracy). We’ll be watching closely this week to see how we did. Keep checking Bing for updated predictions after Monday’s performances and more predictions in the future.

– The Bing Team