Expand Your Understanding with Bing

At Bing we are committed to giving you the most relevant search results possible. In addition we also strive to provide direct information about the entities that you search for, e.g., people, places, and things, based on our understanding of those entities and their relationships stored in Bing’s knowledge repository called Satori. You can read more about how all this information comes together in our earlier blog here. As we wrap up the year, we wanted to introduce a few new features that may further enhance your search experience and hopefully help expand your understanding of the world.

Discover TED Talks

We love TED Talks; especially their tagline: ideas worth spreading. To that end, now if you search for someone who has given a TED talk we’ll surface that in Bing’s Snapshot pane. Try: Bill Gates, Al Gore, and Dan Gilbert.

number 1

Listen to Famous Speeches and National Anthems Instantly

From the “I Have a Dream” to “Ask Not What Your Country Can Do for You”, statesman are often defined by the speeches they delivered as much as the things they accomplished. With that in mind, we present influential audio clips delivered by famous people directly in the Snapshot pane. Search for Martin Luther King and with a simple click you can listen to his famous speeches in his own words without leaving the search results page. You may also try: John Kennedy, Franklin Roosevelt, and listen to national anthems from countries such as United States, United Kingdom and France.

Number 2


Number 3

Learn More with Online Courses

Ever search for a university wishing you could experience a course? Wouldn’t it be great if you could find a free online course? We think so too. That’s why we surface the popular online courses available on the Web from leading universities like Harvard and Stanford directly in the search results.

stanford number 5 small

See How Universities Stack Up

Speaking of universities, we provide the ranking and other information of top schools right in the Snapshot pane.

Princeton number 5

Explore Scientific Concepts at a Glance

From string theory to the theory of relativity, we’ve got you covered. Simply enter in the scientific theory and we’ll highlight a snippet in the search results.

string theory six

A Quick View of Historic Events

Whether you’re a history buff or middle school student working on a report, we can help. With a short summary, related people and top dates, simply enter in a historic event or era and we’ll give you a jumping off point to learn more.

mandela 7

Explore More with Related People

In the related people section of Snapshot, you may see “why” people are related by hovering over the images. For instance, here we can see that Charles Alton Ellis was one of the architects of the Golden Gate Bridge and responsible for its structural design.

GG Bridge 8

Animal Research Made Easy

Ever heard of a Caspian Tiger? If you’re searching for animals, we’ll show you relevant subspecies so you can quickly narrow down your search.

tiger 9

Ask Bing

In many cases you can ask Bing a question the way you would ask a friend. By incorporating natural language understanding, Bing answers the question right in the search results and also shows you pertinent information in the right rail. For example: “who composed Jingle Bells?” or “who played santa claus in a Christmas Story?”, Bing will show the information about James Pierpont and Jeff Gillen.

Jingle Bells 10

Quickly Find App and Software Downloads

At Bing, software is near and dear to our hearts. If you’re looking for an app or piece of software, we’ll showcase a description of the software, related options and present you with the top trusted sources for safe downloads.

Photoshop 11

We hope these features may enrich your everyday search experience and make Bing more useful. Please let us know what you think @Bing.

Thank you.

– Dr. Richard Qian, Bing Index & Knowledge Team