Bing Fund Welcomes Selectable Media

At Bing Fund, we continue to build up our portfolio of innovative start-ups tackling big challenges and creating breakthrough solutions. In August, we announced the initial set of companies fitting the profile with the announcement of Buddy and Pinion joining. Both are making amazing progress we would love to share but let’s keep that to another post. Because we have another announcement to make today.

Today, Bing Fund would like to officially welcome Selectable Media into the program.

Selectable Media, based out of New York City, is a leader in enabling consumers to unlock digital content and services in exchange for viewing and interacting with brand advertising. Working with a number of big brand clients, Selectable Media enables advertisers to achieve higher brand recall and engagement at scale by providing consumers access to valuable online content. Premium publishers can use Selectable Media’s technology to effectively monetize their content and provide their audiences with compelling alternatives to traditional ads.

For thoughts on Selectable Media from Rahul Sood, General Manager of Bing Fund, please see his blog.


– Rahul Sood, General Manager, Bing Fund