Bing Feature Update: Bing and FanSnap are your ticket to the best seat in the house

If you’re searching for sports tickets, soon you will be able to compare tickets from over fifty leading tickets sites, check out the view from the seat and quickly find the best value in Bing.

FAN small

As Satya mentioned today, to help you make better ticket buying decisions we are incorporating FanSnap’s venue maps and comprehensive event catalogue into the Bing experience.

  • View ticket results for more than 15 million tickets to 75,000 events from 57 ticket companies.
  • See ticket selection and price ranges at a glance, and zoom into a row- level view to check out offers from multiple providers.
  • Use the “Best Value” feature, to quickly highlights to find ticket offers that are priced significantly lower than surrounding seats.
  • See “view-from-seat” feature for many venues that will be rolled out over the next month.
  • Compare ticket offers from multiple providers in a simple list format to quickly see the best deal.


    Let us know what you think.


    Phanindra Kanumuri- Bing Events