Home Sweet Home Page Winning Photo

We are happy to announce that after tallying the last of your votes the winning photo for our Home Sweet Home Page Photo contest has been selected. The winning photo of the majestic Seattle Skyline taken by Justin Kraemer took the lead early in the final round of voting.  His colorful and beautiful image of Seattle, WA is truly amazing.

Justin’s photo was taken on March 29, 2009, after a long stretch of bad weather, which as we know at Bing is fairly typical for the Seattle area. Justin headed out to the local dog park which had turned into more of a swamp, there were deep mud puddles everywhere, ruining his Adidas Sambas trying to get to his favorite photo spot next to a small bridge overlooking the city. Although once there the sunset was less than stellar and his feet were soaking, what came afterwards was certainly worth the wait! 

Justin had just purchased a new lens, the Sigma 30mm F/1.4 and this was one of the first images that he captured with it. The photo is a 3 exposure HDR that was tone mapped in Photomatix and then processed in Photoshop Cs3. By the looks of his photo we are certainly glad he made the recent lens purchase and as Justin said “it made a very good addition to my camera bag.” We couldn’t agree with him more.

For more of Justin’s photography please visit his personal website at www.justinkraemerphotography.com. Justin’s winning photo of the Seattle skyline will be displayed on the Bing home page on Wednesday January 6, 2010.

We were excited to see that the entries for this photo contest came from across the globe. The finalists reflected this diverse selection, with photos from the US, France, Spain and New Zealand all making the top 10.  In addition, this time around we added “Bing Editors’ Picks” which allowed us to include a few photos that didn’t make the finals, but our editorial team thought stood out.  For a complete view of the finalists and editors’ picks check out the photo contest Facebook album.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the photo contest and showing us just one snap shot of all of your beautiful home towns. We really enjoyed getting the chance to see all of the amazing imagery that you all caught on film.

Kristin Meldahl – Bing