Get the edge on this football season with Bing predictions

Summer is approaching the finish line, Labor Day weekend draws near, and post-season baseball is around the corner. All of these signs point to one thing: Football is back.

Fortunately for you, Bing has all your professional football needs covered this season. Whether you want to know the chances of your team winning in the upcoming week, the likelihood of your favorites making the playoffs, or key strategies to help your fantasy team get the edge, Bing boosts your confidence to compete. And of course, we help you discover all the information you need for schedules, score, standings, teams and players.

Here’s our playbook this season:

Weekly Power Rankings

Bing Predicts’ machine learning and deep knowledge takes power rankings to a new level. Instead of settling for just knowing where your teams stand today, Bing Predicts will give you a glimpse into your team’s future. Every Tuesday at noon PT we will update our power rankings with predictions of which team Bing thinks will win their respective division, and who is on-pace to earn those elusive wild-card spots.

Want to know if Bing has your team tracking for the playoffs this year? Click here for our full divisional and wild card predictions heading into the season.

Weekly Game by Game Predictions

Once the regular season starts, if you search for your favorite team, we will update your team’s chances of winning their weekly matchup. If you’re a survivor-pool fanatic or simply want to have a point of view at the coffee machine at work, this feature gives you the information you need heading into Sunday. But why stop at predicting who’s going to win? We’re going further this season by giving you the “why” – why we’re making the calls we’re making, and what it will take for an upset to happen.

Fantasy Football Features

For some of you, the success of your fantasy football team is as important as the record of your hometown franchise. That’s why we built two new features this year to help you get the competitive advantage in your fantasy league. Bing will help you decide who to start each week by position, and which free agents to pick up in order to help you optimize your weekly lineup.

Want to know which wide receivers to start on week one? Curious about how many fantasy points your tight end is going to? Want our latest fantasy football projections by position? Just ask Bing.

Before, During and After the Game

Bing has the bass down too. Before the game we’ll have each team’s stat leaders and predicted game-changers listed, as well as game location, time and broadcast network. During the game, you can search for up-to-date scoring drives.

After the game, we know how important it is to show you the postgame highlights, so make it part of your Sunday night routine to check in. Check back with us at the start of the season as these features become available.

Whether you’re looking to dominate your fantasy league or just enjoy great football, don’t make your moves without checking in with Bing first. Good luck out there this season.

-Bing Team