In need of a World of Warcraft weapons, items or loot?

Recently we partnered with our friends over at to create a Bing Visual search gallery of the hottest World of Warcraft in-game weapons and gear.

Looking for a Deadly Gladiator’s Bonegrinder or an Argent Skeleton Crusher? You can now filter, search, and see what other diehard Wow players are saying about all of the items to find what you need faster.

wow 1

Don’t know which weapon you need to beat Keli’dan the Breaker? We have pulled in all the relevant information from various Wow Bloggers including reviews, feedback and have even included videos into the gallery so you can make the best decision.


The new WoW gallery in Visual Search organizes items through filters and gets you to that much needed pair of boots or weaponry so you can get back to your game.

Now go and decide what you need and get back to the raid.

Kristin Meldahl – Bing